Deli & Bakery

$1.00 each / $11.00 dozen

Plain, Poppy, Sesame, Onion, Garlic, Everything, Salt, Egg, Jalapeno, Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin, Marble, Rye, Pumpernickel, Bran

Bakery Items
All items in our bakery may have come in contact with Wheat, Soy, Eggs, Tree Nuts, Dairy

Onion Pockets $1.59/ea

Onion Board (Pletzel) $5.00/ea

Bialys $1.10/ea

Bagel Chips $4.00/bag

Challah $4.59/ea

Challah Rolls (sm) $4.59/dz

Challah Rolls (lg)$0.75/ea

Rye Bread $2.79/lb

Salt-Free Bagels $6.60 bag of 6

Bobka $8.99 each
(Chocolate or Cinnamon)

Checkerboard or 7-Layer Cake $11.00/lb
(Chocolate, Vanilla, Mocha Cream)

Strudel $15.00/lb
(Poppyseed, Apple, Cherry Cheese)

Large Cookies $3.00/ea
Linzer Tart, Hamantaschen, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Dot, Sprinkle, Chocolate Cigar

Black & White $3.50/ea

Assorted Small Cookies $15.00/lb

Our Amazing Rugalach $15.00/lb
Chocolate, Cinnamon Nut, Raspberry, Sugar-Free Apricot

Homemade Salads
Minimum Quantity is a Quarter Pound

Tuna Salad  $16.99/lb
(White Albacore Tuna with Celery and Premium Mayonnaise)

Egg Salad  $8.99/lb
(Hard-Boiled Eggs and Premium Mayonnaise)

Eggplant Caponata $11.99/lb
(Roasted Eggplant in a Tomato Sauce with Onions and Spices)

Whitefish Salad  $17.99/lb
(Jumbo Smoked Whitefish and Premium Mayonnaise)

Chopped Liver  $14.99/lb
(Chopped Chicken Liver blended with Hard-Boiled Eggs & Onions)

Chopped Herring  $11.99/lb
(Chopped Herring blended with Onions)

Chicken Salad  $16.99/lb
(Our Rotisserie Chickens, Celery, and Premium Mayonnaise)

Whipped Cream Cheese $8.99/lb
Plain, Scallion, or Vegetable

Krab Salad  $11.99/lb
(Imitation Crabmeat blended with Spices & Premium Mayonnaise)

Salmon Salad $20.99/lb
(Juicy Kippered Salmon blended with Premium Mayonnaise)

Nova Lox Spread $14.99/lb
(Tidbits of Nova & Belly Lox blended with our Whipped Cream Cheese)


Smoked Fish
We proudly serve Acme & Banner Smoked Fish

Nova Scotia Salmon or Belly Lox  $44.00/lb
Hand Sliced, Buttery & Rich

Samaki Nitrate-Free Nova  $47.00/lb
Contains No Sodium Nitrate Hand Sliced, Buttery & Rich

Herring Fillets  $4.00/each
Matjes Herring with Wine Sauce & Onions
Pickled Herring with Cream Sauce & Onions
Schmaltz Herring in Oil & Onions

Baked Kippered Salmon $44.00/lb
Rich & Juicy, High in Omega Fatty Acids

Smoked Sturgeon $50.00/lb
Moist & Delicious

Whole Schmaltz Herring  $7.00/each
Whole Herring in Oil & Onions

Chubs or Ciscos  $25.00/lb
(When Available)

Smoked Whitefish  $21.00/lb
Filleted & Deboned on your request

Lox Heads & Wings  $10.00/lb
Perfect for making soup

Sable  $48.00/lb
Lightly Smoked Carp with a Paprika Coating

Pickled Lox  $44.00/lb
Pieces of Belly Lox Marinated in Pickling Spices. Includes Onions & Cream Sauce

Deli Meats

Corned Beef  $22.99/lb
Lean or Fatty – Available Hot or Cold – A Hebrew National Product

Pastrami  $22.99/lb
Lean or Fatty – Available Hot or Cold – A Hebrew National Product

Turkey Breast  $19.99/lb
Healthy & Delicious – An Empire Product

Turkey Breast off the Frame  $22.99/lb
Healthy & Delicious – An Empire Product

Brisket of Beef  $22.99/lb
Sliced Hot Homemade Brisket – Brown Gravy on request

Beef Tongue $27.99/lb
Tip or Center Cut – A National Deli Product

Salami  $11.99/lb
A Hebrew National Product

Bologna  $11.99/lb
A Hebrew National Product

Turkey Pastrami   $14.99/lb
An Empire Product

Frankfurters  $12.99/lb
A Hebrew National Product Approx 7 Franks per lb

Smoked Turkey   $15.99/lb
An Empire Product

Knockwurst  $12.99/lb
A Hebrew National Product Approx 4 Knocks per lb

Roast Beef  $18.99/lb
Roasted Rare & Delicious

Hard Salami  $19.99/lb
The Traditional Hanging Salami – A Hebrew National Product

Cole Slaw or Potato Salad  $4.99/lb

Pickles  $4.50/lb  Sours,
Half Sours or Sour Tomatoes

Prepared Foods

Hot Rotisserie Chickens  $6.99/lb
Whole or cut in Quarters or Eighths
Approx Cooked Weight 3lbs
(We use David Elliot chickens)

Eggplant Parmigiana  $8.99/lb
Homemade Sauce, Mozzarella, & Fried Eggplant

Macaroni & Cheese  $8.99/lb
Rich & Creamy – Homemade Comfort Food

Stuffed Cabbage   $6.99/each
Homemade Cabbage Roll with Beef and Rice in a Rich Tomato Sauce

Noodle Kugel  $8.99/lb
Noodle Pudding with raisins and Pineapple

Potato Kugel  $8.99/lb
Homemade Potato Pudding

Kasha Varnishkes  $8.99/lb
Bowtie Pasta, Whole Grains, and Onions

Knishes  $3.99/ea
Potato or Kasha – Homemade Comfort Food

Potato Pancakes  $2.00/ea
Homemade Latkes – Mini Latkes available with 24 hours notice

Egg Barley & Mushroom  $8.99/lb
Barley-Shaped Pasta Cooked with Mushrooms and Onions